Amenities for Members of Parliament

After election to Parliament, the members become entitled to certain amenities. These amenities are provided to members with a view to enable them to function effectively as Members of Parliament.

Broadly speaking, the amenities provided to the members relate to salaries and allowances, travelling facilities, medical facilities, accommodation, telephones, etc. These are governed by the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 and the rules made thereunder.

Salary and Daily Allowance

With the commencement of Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Act, 2010, the amount of salary has been increased from rupees sixteen thousand to rupees fifty thousand per mensem with effect from 18th May, 2009.

The amount of daily allowance has been increased from rupees one thousand to rupees two thousand for each day of residence on duty at a place where a session of a House of Parliament or a sitting of a Committee thereof is held.

No member shall be entitled to the aforesaid allowance unless he signs the register maintained for this purpose by the Secretariat of the House of the People or, as the case may be, Council of States on all the days (except intervening holidays for which no such signing is required) of the session of the House for which the allowance is claimed.

A member is also entitled to daily allowance for a period of such residence, not exceeding three days immediately preceding or succeeding the session of the House and not exceeding two days preceding or succeeding the sitting of a Committee, or for the purpose of attending to any other business connected with his/her duties as a Member of Parliament.

Constituency Allowance

A member is entitled to receive the constituency allowance at the rate of rupees forty-five thousand per mensem.

Office Expense Allowance

Every member is entitled to office expense allowance at the rate of rupees forty-five thousand per mensem out of which rupees fifteen thousand is for meeting expenses of stationery items and postage; and upto rupees thirty thousand is paid by the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariats to the person(s) as may be engaged by a member for obtaining secretarial assistance, provided that one such person must be computer literate as certified by the Member himself.

Travelling Allowance/Travel Facilities

(i) Forward Journey

For attending a Parliament Session or meeting of a Parliamentary Committee or for the purpose of attending any other business connected with his duties as a member from his usual place of residence to the place of duty, a member is entitled to:

By Rail

One free non-transferable First class AC or Executive class of any train pass and one First class and one Second class fare.

By Air

One and one-fourth air fare of the airlines in which he travels.

By Road

Rs. 16/- per km.
The member whose usual place of residence is within the radius of 300 kms. from Delhi is entitled to receive road mileage even if the place is connected by superfast/express/mail train.

The members representing the North-Eastern states are entitled to road mileage form their usual place of residence to the nearest airport even though the places are connected by superfast/express/mail train.

(ii) Return Journey

After attending a Session, Committee meeting or any other business connected with his duties as such member from the place of duty to the usual place of residence same as cited in the case of forward journey.

Air travel facility

A Member is entitled to avail himself of 34 single air journeys during a year with his/her spouse or any number of companions or relatives. The spouse/companion can travel alone eight times in a year to meet the member. Any journey performed by the spouse, companions or relatives shall be added in computing the ceiling of 34 air journeys.

The balance of unused air journeys for a year shall be carried over to the following year. In case a member performs more than 34 air journeys in a year, he is allowed to adjust not exceeding 8 air journeys available for the next year.

Rail Travel Facilities

(a) A member, on the strength of his Identity Card, is entitled to travel at any time by any railway in India in first class air-conditioned or executive class. The Identity Card issued to the member is non-transferable.

(b) The Identity Card also entitles him/her to be accompanied by one person in air-conditioned two tier, when he travels by rail.

The spouse of every member is entitled to travel-
(i) One free non-transferable railway pass to travel in first class air conditioned or executive class in any train, and if travelled by air, an amount equal to the air fare, from the usual place of residence of a member to Delhi and back during Parliament session subject to 8 such journeys in a year.

(ii) The spouse is entitled to travel in first class air conditioned or executive class in all the trains with the member from any place in India to any other place in India. A member having no spouse is entitled to accompany with any other person in lieu of spouse in any train in first class air conditioned or executive class from any place in India to any other place in India in addition to the facility already available to him in respect of one companion in AC-II tier.


In order to meet adequately the needs of members for residential accommodation a separate pool of residences for members has been established and allotment of residences to members from this pool is made by the Accommodation Sub-Committee of the House Committee, Lok Sabha. Arrangements for accommodation are made according to the criteria laid down by the House Committee.
Each member is entitled to a licence-fee free flat or hostel accommodation throughout his term of office. Where a member is allotted a housing accommodation in the form of a bungalow at his request, he shall pay full normal licence fee, if he is entitled to such accommodation.
Every member is entitled without payment of charges to the supply of water upto 4000 kl per annum and electricity upto 50,000 units (25,000 units measures on light meter and 25,000 units on power meter or pooled together) per annum beginning from 1st of January every year in respect of residence allotted to him in Delhi. The above facilities are also extended to a member residing in a private accommodation in Delhi. The unutilized units of electricity and water in kilolitres are carried over to subsequent years and any excess consumption of electricity and water units in a particular are adjusted from the units of electricity and water in kilolitres available to him for the next year.
Other facilities enjoyed by members include washing of sofa covers and curtains every three months; furniture within the monetary ceiling of Rs.60,000 in respect of durable furniture and Rs.15,000 for non-durable furniture; and also 25 per cent remission in the rents on account of any improvement or addition made to it or any additional service provided thereto by way of furniture, electrical equipment and other services.

Telephone Facilities

A member is entitled to have three telephones without payment of installation and rental charges, out of which at least one telephone should be installed at his residence or office in Delhi and one at his usual place of residence or a place selected by him in his constituency or the State in which he resides; the third telephone can be installed at either of the aforesaid place. 50,000 local calls during a year are free to him/her during a year on each of the three telephones. However, Chairman of a Parliamentary Committee is exempted from payment of any charges for local calls made from any one telephone installed at his residence in Delhi/New Delhi.

These 50,000 free local calls can be clubbed together which comes to 1,50,000 local calls in a year. A member may use any number of telephones for availing the aforesaid 1,50,000 free local calls subject to the condition that the telephones are in the name of member and the installation and rental charges of additional telephones are borne by the member himself.

Every member is also entitled to one mobile phone connection of MTNL and another mobile phone connection of MTNL/BSNL or any private mobile operator, in case MTNL/BSNL services are not available, with national roaming facility for utilization in the constituency and the calls made from these mobile phones are adjusted from the above-mentioned 1,50,000 free local calls available to him/her on three telephones. However, the registration and rental charges for private mobile connection are borne by the member himself.

The excess calls made by a member are adjustable from the free local calls available to him on three telephones for the next year. Likewise, the unutilized calls of a year are carried over to the subsequent years till the seat of a member becomes vacant.

A member is also entitled to avail broadband facility from MTNL/BSNL on any one of the above-cited three telephones subject to the condition that only upto Rs.1,500/- per month are paid by the Government towards the charges of this facility directly to MTNL/BSNL.

Medical facilities

Under the Central Government Health Scheme as extended to members, a member and his/her family are entitled to free medical treatment on a monthly contribution of Rs. 500. Dispensaries for providing treatment mainly to members exist in the North Avenue, South Avenue, Telegraph Lane, Pandara Road, Dr. Zakir Hussain Road, Constitution Club and First Aid Post in V.P. House. A First Aid Post in Parliament House and a Medical Centre in Parliament House Annexe are also functioning for rendering medical aid to members in cases of emergency or sudden illness.

Advance for the purchase of conveyance

A member is entitled to an advance not exceeding rupees four lakh or the actual price of the conveyance intended to be purchased, whichever is less. However, no advance is admissible when a conveyance has already been purchased and paid for in full.
Recovery of the said advance together with interest thereon, as applicable on loan to Government servants, shall be made from the salary bill of the member in not more than 60 equal monthly installments which shall not extend beyond the tenure of his/her membership.

Facilities to Physically Incapacitated Members

A member who is physically incapacitated shall be entitled to:
(a) By Air: One additional air fare for the accompanied person.
(b) By Rail: A companion in the same class in which he travels in lieu of the air-conditioned two tier class railway pass.
(c) By Road: One road mileage.
In case a physically incapacitated member who cannot perform journey by rail or air, he is entitled to road mileage for the entire journey performed by him by road.

Facilities to Members of pre-maturely dissolved Lok Sabha

If a Lok Sabha is dissolved pre-maturely, the members of the dissolved Lok Sabha are entitled to consume the unutilised telephone calls, electricity units and water units from the date of dissolution of the Lok Sabha to the constitution of subsequent Lok Sabha. Further, if a member is re-elected in subsequent Lok Sabha, he is entitled to adjust the excess telephone calls, electricity/water units consumed during the intervening period from the quota for the first year of the subsequent Lok Sabha.


Pensionary Benefits

Every person who has served as a member of the Provisional Parliament or either House of Parliament for any period is entitled to pension @ Rs. 20,000/- per month with effect from 18.05.2009. Where any person has served the Parliament for a period exceeding five years, he/she shall be entitled for an additional pension @ Rs. 1,500/- per month for every year in excess of five years. For the purpose of calculation of years for determination of additional pension, the period of nine months or more is rounded off to one complete year.

Where an Ex-Member is also entitled to any other pension which is outside the purview of Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 (MSA Act), he/she shall be entitled to receive the pension as Ex-Member in addition to such other pension.

Where any person entitled to pension as Ex-Member of Parliament is elected to the office of the President or Vice-President or is appointed as Governor or Administrator or becomes a member of Council of States or House of the People or any State Legislature or metropolitan council or is employed on a salary under the Central or any State Government or any corporation owned or controlled by Central/State Government or any local authority or becomes otherwise entitled to any remuneration from such Government, corporation or local authority, such person shall not be entitled to any pension as Ex-Member of Parliament. However, if the salary/remuneration so payable to such person is less than the pension payable to him/her as Ex-Member of Parliament, such person shall be entitled only to receive the balance as pension.

Family pension to spouse/dependent of deceased Member/Ex-Member

The spouse or dependent of a deceased Member/Ex-Member is entitled for the remaining period of her/his life to receive family pension equal to one-half of the pension otherwise admissible to the deceased Member/Ex-Member at the time of his death. The dependent shall get family pension subject to fulfillment of conditions as stipulated in section 2(aa) of the MSA Act.
If the spouse/dependent is entitled to any other pension under MSA Act, she/he will not be entitled to receive family pension.
No person shall be entitled to claim arrears of family pension for the period prior to 15th September, 2006.

Rail Travel Facility

Under Section 8AA of the MSA Act, an Ex-Member is entitled to travel in any train in air-conditioned two tier class along with a companion or in air-conditioned first class if he/she travels alone, on the strength of Ex-MP identity card issued to him/her by Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

Steamer Facility

An Ex-Member of Parliament who had represented Andaman & Nicobar Islands or Lakshadweep is entitled to travel by the highest class of accommodation in any steamer sailing between the A&N Islands or Lakshadweep, as the case may be, and from Islands to Mainland in India on the strength of authorization issued to this effect by Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

Medical Facility

Central Government Health Scheme is applicable to Ex-Members residing in cities covered by CGHS on payment of contribution at the same rate as they were paying as Member of Parliament. This facility is obtained by Ex-Member direct from Director-General (CGHS), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi.

(updated as on 2nd Nov, 2012)

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