Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) CELL



          Inter-Parliamentary Union Cell deals with the IPU related Conferences / Meetings / Workshops such as Statutory Assemblies of IPU, Specialised Conferences which are either organized directly by the IPU or are jointly organised by IPU and the organisations recognized by the IPU.

          IPU Cell also deals with meetings of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), Forum of Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians for Education (FASPPED), Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP) and Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on Environment & Development (APPCED).

          The Secretarial work including Protocol and Liaison work pertaining to the Indian Parliamentary Delegations going abroad and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation are done by the Cell. The IPU Cell also organises IPU related Conferences.


I. India Group of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)

A. Inter-Parliamentary Union( IPU)

(Objectives, IPU Assembly, Governing Council, Executive Committees, Standing Committees, Meeting of Women Parliamentarians, Geo-Political Groups, Composition of ASIA-Pacific Geo-Political Group of IPU, Meetings of Association of Secretaries-General (ASGP))

B. Participation of the India Group of IPU in the Statutory Assemblies and Standing Committee Meetings organized by IPU

C. Specialized Meetings 

D. Important Positions held by our Parliamentarians in IPU Bodies since inception to till date

E. Reports on the participation of Indian Parliamnentary Delegations in the Statutory Asseemblies of the Inter-Parliamentary Union


II. Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)

III. Forum of Asia Pacific Parliamentarians for Education (FASPPED)

IV. Annual Conference of Association of SAARC Speakers And Parliamentarian

(Ist Contact Group Meeting: 24-25 March, 2010, New Delhi)

The above information is updated by IPU Cell, Lok Sabha Secretariat.
Following officer may be contacted for any further query/clarification:
Shri Yogendra Singh, 
Deputy Secretary
IPU Cell, Room No. 338, Parliament House Annexe,
Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi-110001
Tel. No. 23035611, 23034338
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