Owaisi,Shri Asaduddin
Total Questions found for this member : 741
Q.NO.Q.TYPEDateMinistry NameSubject
1828 UNSTARRED 13.02.2019 DEFENCE Facilities to Chidlren of Martyrs
1672 UNSTARRED 13.02.2019 RAILWAYS Attacks on Passengers
130 STARRED 12.02.2019 HOME AFFAIRS Citizenship Amendment Bill
1474 UNSTARRED 12.02.2019 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Effect of Drought on Production of Pulses
1248 UNSTARRED 11.02.2019 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
1146 UNSTARRED 08.02.2019 FINANCE Policy for Overseas Borrowings
923 UNSTARRED 08.02.2019 FINANCE Export Credit
755 UNSTARRED 07.02.2019 ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GPS Tracking System for Vehicles
663 UNSTARRED 06.02.2019 DEFENCE Advance Minesweepers
548 UNSTARRED 06.02.2019 DEFENCE Converting Cantonment Areas into Military Stations
372 UNSTARRED 05.02.2019 HOME AFFAIRS Renunciation of Indian Citizenship
264 UNSTARRED 05.02.2019 HOME AFFAIRS Vacancies in FSL
18 STARRED 04.02.2019 PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS Crude Oil Prices
130 UNSTARRED 04.02.2019 LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT Number of Slaves in the Country
100 UNSTARRED 04.02.2019 PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS Small and Marginal Fields
4597 UNSTARRED 08.01.2019 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Protection of Farmers from Price Volatility
4428 UNSTARRED 08.01.2019 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Drought Situation in the Country
4362 UNSTARRED 07.01.2019 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT National Achievement Survey 2017
4329 UNSTARRED 07.01.2019 PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS DSF Oil and Gas Fields

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