Last Updated: 27/11/2015

Languages to be used by Members in Debate

Under article 120 of the Constitution, the business of the House is to be transacted in Hindi or in English, but a member who cannot adequately express himself in either of the two languages can, with the permission of the Speaker, address the House in any of the languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution or in his mother tongue. Such a member should, soon after taking his seat in the House, inform the Speaker about it in writing. On each occasion, before speaking in the House, he should furnish at least half an hour in advance, to the Officer at the Table or the Parliamentary Notice Office, a notice to the effect that he is proposing to speak on such and such item of the Business in such and such language. On receipt of such notice, arrangements will be made to interpret the speech in English and Hindi, if the language indicated by the member is one of the following viz.  (i) Assamese; (ii) Bengali; (iii) Kannada; (iv) Maithili; (v) Malayalam; (vi) Manipuri; (vii) Marathi; (viii) Nepali; (ix) Oriya; (x) Punjabi; (xi) Sanskrit; (xii) Tamil; (xiii) Telugu; and (xiv) Urdu.

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